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For more than 30 years, NFPT has remained committed to providing value and maintaining high professional standards. NFPT founder and Marine veteran Ron Clark maintains ties to the military and first responder communities. To honor Ron’s brothers and sisters in uniform, NFPT offers discounts and special offers to those who’ve served.


15% Discount for Military and First Responders

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Get Reimbursed Through the GI Bill

Department of Veterans AffairsEligible active or veteran military members can apply for reimbursement for NFPT exam fees through the GI Bill:

  1. Complete and mail VA Form 22-1990 (or use the online version) to confirm your eligibility for educational benefits through the GI Bill.
  2. After you have passed the NFPT exam and have received your NFPT credential, submit VA Form 22-0803 directly to the Veterans Affairs Office for your region.

NOTE: Be sure to request reimbursement for the “NFPT Certified Personal Fitness Trainer CERTIFICATION Test.” Other terms such as “License,” “School” or “College” may cause approval delays. For more information on GI Bill reimbursement, visit the VA website. To find the NFPT WEAMS listing, go to the WEAMS License/Certification Search. Enter L&C Name “NFPT” and choose “Certification” in the drop-down menu for “LAC Category Type.”


10% Discount for Fitness Club Staff Members

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