What Is Continuing Education?

Build on Your Foundation. Strengthen Your Credentials.

Continuing education adds variety to your fitness portfolio and gives you a career edge. With NFPT’s convenient and affordable options, you’ll enjoy continuing education opportunities that inspire you, show and grow your training skills and fulfill your recertification requirements.

What is Continuing Education?

To keep your skills fresh and your certification current, you must earn 2.0 continuing education credits (CECs) each year after your first year of certification. Show that you’re building your knowledge and you’ll get credit for it. Expand your skill set and grow your client base through the ongoing learning you get when you earn CECs.

Each learning hour equals 0.2 CEC, so you need 10 hours of learning activity each year. If you do more than 10 hours, your credits will be applied to the next certification year so you can recertify every two years instead. You choose when to renew.

Why Do I Need CECs?

Requirements can be different for each type of fitness certification you pursue but all certifiers require that you demonstrate ongoing competence through continuing education.

You must earn CECs to maintain your NFPT-CPT credential. Your credential impacts your work opportunities, your liability insurance, your credibility in the community and your reputation. You stay in shape; keep your credential in shape, too. Your NFPT recertification is easy and we’re here to help.

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